Lumenis Ltd. (LMNS)

Financial Snapshot (Last 12 Months):

Market Cap: $563.80M Revenues: $265.40M Net Income: $17.40M

Deal Structure

Filing Date:Dec. 6, 2013 Expected to Trade:Feb. 27, 2014 Status:Priced Lead Underwriters:Goldman Sachs; Credit Suisse; Jefferies Co-Managers:Wells Fargo
Shares Offered:6.25M Deal Type:IPO Price Range:$15.00 - $17.00 Issue Price:$12.00


Business Profile

We are a leading global, diversified and growing provider of innovative energy-based, minimally invasive clinical solutions. We have established a strong brand and leadership position across our three segments: surgical, ophthalmic and aesthetic. We provide energy-based solutions for both medically necessary and elective procedures, primarily for the aging population. We believe that we are well positioned to outpace market growth and expand our addressable markets by leveraging our innovative technology, extensive product pipeline and established global sales and service infrastructure.

Industry: Health Care Founded: 1991 Employees: 1061 Prospectus: Click Here

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